International Call for Art

2021 Application Process Is Closed | International Call for Art remains open until May 16th

Thank you for your interest in contributing your creativity and skill to the Hudson Valley Seed Company! Our 2021 general Call for Art is now closed, though the international invitational calls for art through the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library, Two Seeds in a Pod, and the Shumei Organization will be open through May 16th.

When we sit down to eat we sit down to a global plate. We may not even think about where in the world the foods on our plates originated, beans from the peoples of Central America, squash from the first nations of Northeast America, rice from communities in central Africa, or beets from early agrarians of northwest Europe. In the modern world, loss of genetic diversity is something that's being faced by communities around the globe. But there are green-hearted seed people working within their own communities to preserve, celebrate, and increase diversity. We're proud to be partnering with two of these extraordinary seed people; Vivien Sansour of the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library located in Bethlehem focusing on the seeds of historic and modern Palestine and Mehmet Öztan of Two Seeds in A Pod located in Reedsville, West Virginia which focuses on Turkish/Anatolian varieties. Vivien and Mehmet separately approached the Hudson Valley Seed Company about creating a special Art Pack to share and celebrate one of the varieties that they have helped keep alive.

Both Vivien and Mehmet are open to all artists and especially encourage artists who have connections to the history and or culture of the home regions and peoples of the seeds.

Applications are submitted by completing the form below, before completing the form, please review our GUIDELINES for information on who can apply, what mediums we accept (nearly all!), and what you'll receive if we commission your artwork! Please use the form below to send us your information and two images of existing work (after you hit "Next").

If you already submitted artwork for our 2021 Call for Art, thank you! We will review all submissions and get back to all applicants by the end of May, the deadline for non-invitational submissions is April 25th.. If you are selected to be a semi-finalist, you will be given variety options and guidelines for submitting a sketch proposal. Periodically, there are special calls for art for other Hudson Valley Seed Company projects. If you would like to sign up for these announcements, please sign up for our Artist Contact List.