Seed Donations

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Here at the Hudson Valley Seed Co, we love gardening, and we believe it should be a part of everyone's lives. To help make gardening as accessible as possible, we are once again donating packs of seeds to gardeners in need. Over the years we've donated thousands of seeds to school gardens, community garden groups, and seed sharing organizations - last year alone, we sent out over 5,000 packs of seed. 

How to register: 

Use this Registration Form to nominate a group to receive free seeds. This can be your own group or a group you'd like to see receive free seeds. Please check contact info carefully. If the email address is incorrect we won't be able to get in touch!

How to qualify:

Donation seeds must be used for planting. Please do not use them for fundraising or resale.

Groups must be a food or gardening focused not-for-profit organization and be able to say where the seeds will be planted. This could be a school or community garden organization that will be distributing seeds to gardeners in need.

 After reviewing applications, we will email qualified applicants with instructions on how to receive the donation package.

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