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The Hudson Valley Seed Library, founded in 2004 by Ken Greene, was the first Seed Library in a public library in the country. Inspired by BASIL founder Sascha DeBrul and spurred by learning about global loss of genetic diversity and consolidation of seed resources by biotech corporations, Ken added seeds to the Gardiner Library catalog. Patrons could check out seeds, just like a book, and return the genetic and cultural stories carried within the kernels by saving seeds from the plants they grew.

Over the next four yeas Ken grew the program including story time children, gardeners and farmers in the Seed Library program. In 2008 Ken, along with his partner Doug Muller, quit his job and turning the Seed Library into an online seed saving community and local seed company. Now, 12 years from the germ of an idea, we're flowering and going to seed! 

We are taking the time to focus on what it really means to be an ethical seed company as well as recommitting ourselves to the non-profit efforts that are needed to address seed justice challenges. Thanks to the Omega Institute, we were able to convene a group to jump-start this new seed organization and we'll soon be sharing more about our non-profit.

Recent programs that will become part of the non-profit include:

Native American Seed Sanctuary

Kitchen Cultivars

We hope you'll support our efforts to engage communities in seed justice programs that strengthen agricultural, cultural, and biological diversity. 

If you'd like to stay involved with this next evolution of the Hudson Valley Seed Library, sign up for our Seed Freedom newsletter.

Thank you for helping us keep seeds where they belong, in the dirty hands of caring growers.