Shady Meadow Fine Art Print ~Unsigned~

Limited Edition • Signed by the Artist

Artwork by Cynthia Cliff.

Art by Cynthia Cliff. Artwork by Cynthia Cliff. Cynthia is an artist and illustrator with a focus on children's books, book and editorial illustration, food and cooking art, and flora and fauna art. After running a successful design business in Washington DC, Cynthia came back to drawing in 2016. She told us, "after not drawing for over 30 years, I started to teach myself how to draw again, and to explore materials and styles. I now make art almost every single day. It has become an obsession and I cannot imagine life without it." Cynthia designed all 5 of our Wildflower Meadow Seed Shakers, as well as our Spring and Late Season Planting Guides. She told us, "I knew that I wanted each mix to have its own distinct coloring and personality, so I needed to manage the color to insure four different color families. I did this by making color charts to see which flower colors were most prevalent in each mix. It took a bit of planning and working out before I even started drawing. Deciding which human elements to include was also driven by the content of the mix. I just needed to make sure that they were interesting to look at but didn't steal the show away from the flowers. I also really enjoyed adding the animals, they are so fun to draw! As a gardener you feel great pleasure in seeing creatures benefit from a flower garden, and come on, seeing a box turtle lumbering along in your flowerbed is pretty cool, right?"

The paper dimensions of this print are 11x14. We print all of our pieces on archival fine art papers using archival inks to ensure they will last as contemporary heirloom art. We recommend making sure there is space between the glass and print. You can do this by matting the print or you can skip the mat and have a spacer put in the frame.



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