Willo Violet Dahlia Tuber

Tiny pompons in a fetching purple-magenta tone.

These miniature pompon dahlias have a fabulous color, somewhere between violet and magenta. They are tiny, barely bigger in diameter than a quarter, and a bouquet of them is something extraordinarily charming: think "Honey I Shrunk the Dahlias." With fairly long stems relative to the small blooms, these flowers work well as a fanciful outer-orbit element of a bouquet anchored in larger blooms. Grows to about 40" in height.

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Dahlia Planting and Care Guide.

This product was grown and processed on our own certified organic farm, Four Fold Farm, in the Hudson Valley of New York State.
A note on dahlia tuber sizes. Dahlia tubers vary dramatically in size between different cultivars. See the photo of cut tubers on this page to understand the range of tuber sizes that you could receive if you order this product.
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Plant dahlia tubers in late spring when soil temperatures have reached 60 degrees. Frost will kill the plants, so plan to plant around your last frost date. In the Northeast, the window for planting is from around mid-May to mid-June.

Dahlias thrive in sunny locations with well drained, fertile, slightly acidic soil. Dig a hole that will accommodate the entire tuber clump, about 6" deep and 6" wide. Plant tuber clump with the "crown" up, just at the surface so all the tubers are beneath. If planting multiple tubers, space at least 12-18" apart. Do not begin watering until the plants emerge. After that, make sure they are watered well 1-2 times per week.

In Northern zones with shorter seasons, you can get a jump start by starting dahlias indoors in large pots 4-6 weeks before your last spring frost. Transplant after threat of frost has passed to spacing indicated above. Transplants will need to be watered in.

Dahlias reach up to 42" high and might need staking to keep the blooms upright.

Dahlias will not overwinter in zones below 8. After the first killing frost, gently dig up tubers and store in peat moss in a cool, frost-free place (40-50 degrees is ideal) until the next planting season.

Days to Maturity 80-100
Planting Depth 6"
Spacing in Row 12-18"
Spacing Between Rows 24-36"

Dahlia tubers ship from mid-April through early May, depending on your location. If you purchase seeds and dahlia tubers at the same time anytime from January until the ship date for your region, you will receive two shipments—a prompt shipment of seeds and a later shipment of tubers—and the shipping fees shown at checkout will take this second delivery into account.

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