ALL NEW Seed Library Membership

by Ken Greene

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Saving seeds is more important than ever.

Join our all new Seed Library Membership program to help save seeds (and save!)

*Thanks! All 20 (10 from our Facebook contest and 10 from our Seeder's Digest email contest) of the calendar winners have been notified. We hope you'll join in our new seed saving experience!

Introducing this year's Community Seed: Purple Podded Peas!

This year, every membership comes with a limited edition Art Pack filled with Purple Podded Pea seeds!


This variety (along with a bunch of three year olds) was one of the first seeds that inspired me to start the Seed Library back on 2004. That's just one of the reasons we're celebrating these seeds all year long in our innovative new Seed Library Membership program: Community Seeds: One Seed Many Gardens.


So, why this variety, and what does it have to do with toddlers?

When I was still working at the Gardiner Library I was the "storytime guy." I loved reading to the kids and then making the books come alive through interactive activities. We read books about chickens and I would bring in one of our chickens, we read books about pizza and we would make mini-pizzas from scratch, I read books about gardening, and we gardened. Yup! I dug up the front lawn of the library and put in a garden with the kids. I decided on Purple Podded Peas because we could plant them early, they would grow fast and tall, and the purple pods are easy to spot and pick.


We also saved seeds at the end of the season.


When adults began participating in our seed library program, one of the first in a public library in the country, some of them would say, "But I can't save seeds, it's too difficult." And I would say, "If toddlers can do it, so can you!"

Back then the seed library was a toddler too, just germinated and beginning to sprout. Now, nine years later, we're still growing strong. Based on what we’ve learned over the past nine years about running a seed library, we’re improving the way membership in the Hudson Valley Seed Library works.


Our new program, Community Seeds: One Seed, Many Gardens, is more focused, flexible, and fun. We think the changes will make it a better experience and value for our many members as well as a healthier and more effective way to cooperatively save seeds.


Every year we'll choose a new variety to celebrate. Our members will learn everything about the variety- its history, planting, care and harvesting, cooking and eating, and saving seeds. Over the seasons our members will become skilled gardeners, good cooks, savvy seed savers, and be helping to save important varieties for future generations. We hope you'll join in this year!


Click here to learn how to join (it's easy!) and what you'll get (so much for so little!)


magento home page slide show membership prizeALL NEW MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM
Seed Saving Savvy, Seedy Satisfaction, and Savings all for $5!

Community Seeds: One Seed, Many Gardens is based on the popular “Community Reads” or “One Book, One Town” reading programs organized by book libraries all over the country.

By encouraging every member in the Seed Library to grow the same variety in the same season, we’ll be able to connect all of our gardens into one big seed farm--growing enough seeds of each year's Community Seed variety to share with friends, family, and our communities. Enough to last.

Membership in the Seed Library is a great way to feel good about what your seed dollars are supporting, help important community based garden projects, become a better gardener, and save 5-20% on seeds for your garden and gifts for your friends.


Join with 1000+ gardeners in this innovative seed saving experience!