Changing Beds for Summer Plantings

by Blake Arrowood

Intern Update from Blake Arrowood

Now that Summer has arrived and our season has changed, it's right time for some of your Spring-planted beds to change as well. Here at the farm, in our trials garden, we had some greens (Komotsuna, Yukina Savoy, and Spring Raab) that we got all the goodness we could out of - and in turn - they bolted and started to go to seed. If your not planning on saving seed, you can say goodbye to those Spring plants and start planning (and planting) for your Fall harvest. Your process will be similar to how you first planted the bed:

First, you want to remove all plant matter from the bed so it's nice and clean.

Then, (if possible) load on some healthy compost to build up your soil's nutrients.

After you have prepped your bed you are now ready to plant again. We planted carrots and turnips in our new beds. If your interested in other Fall crops to plant, check out this post on 'Planning for the Fall Harvest.'

Happy Planting!