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Keep On Sowing!

by Ken Greene

mThis summer we've had a successive slew of posts about successful succession sowing! (Phew.)

But we thought it might be easier for you if we put all the related posts, products, how-to, and events related to summer sowing for fall growing all in one spot so you can sow on without having to search around for what you need.

Here's to a bountiful fall and some fresh winter greens!


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We often recommend using Row Cover. The lightweight, light and water permeable fabric is used to add a little insulation to keep your plants warmer during cold months. It can also be used to keep unwanted pests off your plants and create isolation tents to prevent cross-pollination for gardeners saving seeds. We figured since we recommend it so much we should help you get your hands on it! It can be difficult to find in small quantities (usually 500-1000 foot rolls). So we're conveniently offering two different widths it by the foot.



fall seedling sale (480x640)POD CAST:

Keep on Truckin' err.. Sowing: Margaret Roach had Ken on her radio show. You can listen to the program or read about it on her blog, A Way to Garden.



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(photo Seed Library gardener Daniel at our Fall Seedlings Sale)