Intern Update: Training Vines

by Blake Arrowood

Here in the Trials Garden we have been sprucing-up an old chicken coop and converting it into a usable shed for tools and shelter. One thing Erin and I did was carve out an area for some edible flowers, our Variegated Nasturtiums - and, plant some vines that would explode with beauty and fragrance in the coming months. We planted our Moon Flower and Heavenly Blue Morning Glory. Since the vines are up against vertical plane, we needed something for them to grab onto and climb up. We decided that some twine and a few screws would do the trick. We attached the screws to the top side of our building and simply tied the twine around and let them hang. Once your vines start reaching, you can help them out by training them to wrap around your twine. In no-time, they'll take off on their own, and before long you'll have an amazing vertical garden space.