Pocket full of Seeds

by Ken Greene

Doug and I are headed out to Chicago to bring our seeds to the Independent Garden Center Show. We're hoping to introduce the Art Packs to new garden centers who haven't heard about the Seed Library. It's a big trip for us, at a tough time to leave the farm, but we're hoping it will be worth it. I've been designing our booth this week and making sure it will all fit in our car. As seedsmen, we believe that big things come in small packages, so hopefully that will be true of our booth display too.

We just took a walk around the farm with Stu and Erin. We talked about everything that needs to be done while we are gone- weeding, monitoring, seed harvests, and seed processing. Even Brian will be helping out. It will be a relief from his usual world of packing and shipping. They are all awesome and we're so lucky to have such great folks working for the Seed Library.

As often happens when I'm walking around the farm, I came back to the office with pockets full of seeds. I often pick a pod or flower head to test it and see if the moment is right for collecting seeds. Too early and the seeds are not viable, too late and they've already fallen to the ground or been eaten by birds.

This pic is the contents of one pocket. Can you guess what any of these seeds are? Three of them are from current Art Packs and one is a medicinal herb we're trialing.