Saving Seeds for the Seed Library

by Ken Greene

If you are a member, you have the option of saving seeds from the plants you grew to return to the library for seed credits.

Seeds saved by our members work like an independent participatory breeding program, creating a pool of seeds and genes that are accessible to everyone and do well in our region.

In order for your seed returns to be counted towards your seed credits, seeds must be returned  before October 31st.

Here are the basic guidelines for saved seeds we will accept.

1. Make sure you save seeds from plants your grew. Please don't return left over seeds, only fresh new seed you've saved yourself.
2. Save seeds from plants you grew from Seed library seed. if you have a family heirloom or other non-Seed Library variety, please contact us about the variety before sending it in.
3. Use the seed saving envelopes provided. Please fill out the info on the packs. It really helps! If you don't have the envelopes that came with your Seed Library Membership Kit, make sure you send your seeds with the following info: Your Name, Name of Variety, Date Saved, Notes about Plant Health.
4. Mail us your seeds or bring them to the farm in person on Sept 22nd.
mail to:
Hudson Valley Seed Library
484 Mettacahonts Rd
Accord, NY 12404