Sow What Now: Ant or Grasshopper?

by Ken Greene


Sundrying Tomatoes

As summer wanes and fall sweeps in, are you putting up or playing around? For many, the impulse is to give up on the garden and go for a last dip, long hike, or find ways to make that summer tan last a little longer. We're not saying you shouldn't eat up the delicious last moments of beautiful weather, but you may not want to eat up the last morsels from your garden and have nothing left for fall and winter.

There are still seeds to plant for cool season greens, fruits to harvest that can be put up for winter eats, and seeds to sow for first spring greens.

Sow Now from Seed:




Transplant Now:

Bok Choi

Quick Cabbages like Chinese Cabbage


Put Up Now: Margaret Roach has declared this "Put-Up-the-Harvest-Week" on A Way to Garden. Head over there for great how-to tips.

Tomatoes: Can, freeze, sun-dry

Sweet Peppers: Freeze, dehydrate, pickle

Hot Peppers: Dry whole or turn into flakes or powder, pickle

Cabbage: Ferment for sauerkraut, kimchi. Check out Sandor Katz's new book Art of Fermentation.

Herbs: Dry and jar or freeze fresh in ice cubes