Seed Squad Picks: Laura and Ashworth Sweet Corn

by Tusha Yakovleva

laura staff pic (600x800)

The Seed Library has become what it is today thanks to a team effort by talented, hard-working folks. This month, get to know them here on our blog and find out what seedy products they love best:

Laura Waldman has joined the Seed Squad this year as a Seed Packer. When she's not measuring out spoonfuls of seeds at the Seed Library, she's is training to install solar panels.

Laura's favorite product: Ashworth Sweet Corn

On a family vacation, my father and brother and I were canoeing down a river. It was much more winding than we had anticipated and we had run out of snacks. We spotted the edge of a cornfield along the banks. I ran into the field, picked an ear for each of us, and we ate the sweet raw corn, still warm. I still think it's a great feeling to bite into corn on the cob and let the juices run down your chin.


Ashworth Sweet Corn Art Pack