Top 10 Heart Seeds for Valentine's Day

by Ken Greene

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It takes a big heart to grow a garden. If your sweetie (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mother, father, best friends or anyone else you love) loves to garden, show them some love and say it with seeds!

Our artful heirloom seeds make hopeful and loving Valentine's Day gifts. You can make your own Gift Basket or get your sweetie a Gift Membership with a Gift Certificate or Seedy Greetings Card or a Fine Art Print of their favorite seed pack art.

Each gift basket comes with a hand written card with your words and is eco-wrapped and ribboned and ready to give to someone you love.


Here are hints for our top 10 Art Pack varieties for Valentine's Day. See if you can guess all the varieties in our Seedy Love Poem/Riddle. The first person to guess them all will win a hearty prize! Update! The first 5 people to get it right will ALL get a prize! Put your guesses in the comments section.

Love Is Seedy Because...
Because being in love is heavenly.
Because we should savor love.
Because there's always hope for love and love can make you see spots.
Because there's a heart on every seed.
Because love is a gift.
Because bouquets last for days but seeds grow for seasons.
Because the haze of love makes everything beautiful.
Because drug store teddies are too stuffy.
Because love is pungent and perennial.
Because love makes your heart grow big!


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