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The most dazzling reminder to enjoy the beauty of the present moment, annual flowers grow from seed to maturity, bloom, set seed, and die in one season and don't usually overwinter. They give it all they've got, which is why many of your favorite flowers are probably annuals. Luckily, the magic of open-pollinated varieties means you can save their precious seeds for seasons to come.

Annual Flowers

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Antique Flemish Poppy

Certified Organic

Delightfully puffy blooms in pink and white.

from $3.99

Apricot Strawflower

Unique and fiery flowers are perfect for drying.


Arikara Sunflower

Big, showy blooms great for producing seed.

from $3.99

Audray White Gomphrena

A fuss-free, heat tolerant variety.

from $4.99

Bachelor Button Polka Dot Mix

Feathery button-size blooms of true blues, whites, and pinks.


Balloon Vine

Certified Organic

Bright green balloons hide heart-emblazoned seeds!



Basket-like inflorescences with wispy petals.

from $3.99

Bells of Ireland

Perfect green bells for a bouquet. 

from $3.39

Black Beauty Poppy

Certified Organic

Single and double blooms in deep, dark tones.


Blue Flax

A charming American native of the western highlands.

from $3.49

Blue Sage

A vivid blue sage beloved by bumblebees.

from $3.99


Certified Organic

Edible and lovable blue blooms.

from $3.99

Breadseed Poppy Mix

Certified Organic

Brief beauty, long-lasting health.


Broken Colors Four O' Clocks

Fragrant, cheerful blooms in bright colors.

from $3.99


Bursting with color and a delicate scent.

from $3.49

Carmine King California Poppy

Rosy-fuchsia poppies with golden centers.

from $3.49

Classic Magic Bachelor Button Mix

Mesmerizing jewel-tone blooms.

from $3.99

Classic Zinnia

Cute, bright, star-shaped flowers on compact plants.

from $4.39

Coral Fountain Amaranth

Certified Organic

Cascading plumes of coral strike a dramatic tone in any landscape.

from $3.99

Crackerjack Mix African Marigold

Beneficial companion plant boasts large pom-pom blooms.

from $3.49

Crested Mix Celosia

These vase-shaped blooms explode with color.

from $3.49

Dahlia Zinnia

Attracts birds, bees, and humans alike.

from $3.49

Dandy Collarette Dahlia Seeds

Vigorous and showy low-growing plants.


Delft Blue Nigella

Ethereal flowers and pods with feathery foliage.

from $3.99