Farm, Pack, Ship, Repeat

by Ken Greene

Thank you all for your seed orders!

More gardeners and farmers than ever before are turning to the Seed Library as their primary seed source. We've been doing our best to keep up with this year's growth and hired some amazing folks to help us out. Kate (Dirty Girls Design), Erin (Second Wind CSA), Robin (Hudson Valley Dog Boarding), and Lucia (home-schooled teen extraordinaire) have been working around the clock to get your orders to you in time for spring planting. We're happy to say all of the back-orders have been sent out! Everyone should have their back-ordered seeds in hand by Tuesday. Thank you for your orders and your patience!

Doug, Robin, Erin all giddy after finishing the backorders. Doug, Robin, Erin all giddy after finishing the backorders.

How are we doing?

Doug and I are frequently asking ourselves how we can make the Seed Library more sustainable.  Of course, our farming practices are sustainable, but as for business practices we haven't even figured out how to take a day off each week. Our league of caring gardeners has grown every year along with local and national publicity and enthusiasm from gardeners all over the northeast and the country. Kudos keep us inspired to continue working hard, but it's your seed orders that make it possible for us to farm and save seed for another season. We have many infrastructure projects that need funding and are at the "growing pains" point in the business where we need to hire full time help but can't quite afford it. (Yes, green job creation!) Our new seed saving interns start next week and we're in the process of figuring out housing for them. Please help us spread the word about the importance of buying our regionally grown heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. If each one of you turn just one new gardener into a Seed Library patron we'll be well on our way to being a truly sustainable seed farm and Seed Library.

Thank you each again for growing with us. Our growth over the past three years is due to your commitment to conscientious gardening. Save the seed!

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