Shelling Peas

Shelling Peas

The best opening act and last hurrah of the garden. Peas are frost-hardy and can be sown in spring, then again in a cool autumn. They fall into two main types: sugar snaps or snow peas - delectable pods that can be eaten whole, and shell-peas - which need to be peeled to reveal delicious seeds (the peas!) inside.

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Green Arrow Shell Pea

Certified Organic

Vigorous vines bear numerous pods that pack 8-10 peas each.

from $3.49

Laxton's Progress Shell Pea

Certified Organic

Also known as Laxton's Progress No. 9.


Tall Telephone Shelling Pea

High yields of peas in easy-to-shell pods.

from $3.39

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Tom Thumb Pea vendor-unknown Tom Thumb Pea vendor-unknown

Tom Thumb Pea

Certified Organic

A petite pea perfect for planters.