Pack Art Backstory: Persian Carpet Zinnia

A discussion with artist Adeline Wang

Imagine what it must feel like to be a fuzzy bee rummaging around the composite flower of a Zinnia–to feel the papery ray florets underfoot, the bumpy surface of the central disc, and the crumbly pollen everywhere... For bees and other pollinators, a flower is a full-body immersive experience! We often think of flowers in terms of color or fragrance, but they have interesting tactile qualities as well. Stems and leaves can be fuzzy, prickly, or smooth, and petals can be silky, papery, succulent, or even rough to the touch.

Tactility and texture are important components of artist Adeline Wang’s textile creations. Her punch needle wall hangings, rugs, and other art objects invite the viewer to come closer, to explore the interplay of loops, tufts, braids, tassels, and beads. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Adeline says, “I’m mostly trying to absorb what’s happening around me in the here and now. But I also draw on inspiration from the elements of cultures and places that I’ve experienced and loved over the years, such as Chinese traditional folk art and French modern art.”

Adeline brings these folk art influences and a sunny, upbeat aesthetic to her design for Persian Carpet Zinnia. These multi-colored blooms come alive against a backdrop of butterscotch, pale blue, and soft pink.  “I’m so happy to be able to create a piece using modern rug hooking technique to showcase the beauty of the flowers,” Adeline says, noting how these plants are “compact just like my yarn loops.” 

Grown as an annual, Persian Carpet Zinnia forms a low mound of deep green foliage and earth-toned, richly pigmented flowers. Dense plantings make it easy to see the resemblance between this variety and the contrasting colors of a gorgeous hand-dyed Persian rug. Her wall hanging captures the deep blue-green leaves and the dramatic color variation in the petals. “There are so many color combinations in Persian Carpet Zinnia and I want that reflected in this piece,” Adeline says, “Also, the amazing rug yarn texture created by the punch needle technique.” We love how this texture comes through on the Art Pack, giving it the appearance of softness–just like one of Adeline's handmade pillows.

The petals of Persian Carpet Zinnia can vary in shades of gold, burgundy, cream, orange, and reds–creating an ombre, multi-hued effect not unlike abrash, a highly sought after dye "imperfection" found in hand-crafted rugs. Reflecting on this relationship between plants and art objects, Adeline says, "Seeds are the beginning of all plants, whose elements inspire so many to create the most beautiful art. It’s a beautiful relationship that needs our respect and appreciation." See the completed wall hanging below (available as an archival quality Fine Art Print here or Poster here).

In addition to creating and selling her original work, Adeline also shares patterns for crafty people who want to follow her lead and punch-needle their way around some stretched fabric.  "Art makes me happy. Art connects people," Adeline says. "I started to explore different art mediums in my mid 20s and I haven’t been able to stop ever since. Creating has become a part of me that I’m very proud of. To me, art is therapeutic." 

Scroll down to see Adeline's punch needle process from start to finish:

Find more art on Adeline's website here or shop her Etsy store to find wall hangings, pillows, apparel, and more.

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