Fine Art

At the Hudson Valley Seed Co, we grow from seed to pack with the help of many creative artists. We select the varieties, learn their stories, plant the seeds, care for them on our seed farm and then harvest and clean the seeds. We share stories of our seeds with our collaborating artists, each of whom then interprets the seed's story through their art.  And although you can't truly separate the seed from the art, each piece of botanical art deserves to be seen and celebrated on its own. Take a stroll through our garden gallery.

Prints measure 11"x14" or 16"x20". They are printed on archival fine art paper using archival inks. Posters measure 18"x24" and are shipped in a poster tube.   

*The following art print editions are sold out and no longer available: Blue Jade Corn, Breadseed Poppy Mix, Chives, Lacy Phacelia, Long Island Cheese Pumpkin, Metta Lettuce Mix, Midnight Garden Mix, Radiant Radish Mix, Shade Flower Mix, and Mikado Tomato.                      

Fine Art Posters

Fine Art Posters 

New designs! Posters of original art and seed packs. All posters are produced on demand in house sturdy, acid-free, glossy paper with archival-quality inks. Each poster is 18" wide by 24" tall.

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Tom Thumb Pea Fine Art Poster

Mettre ces petit pois en pots de fleurs!


Torch Tithonia Fine Art Poster vendor-unknown

Torch Tithonia Fine Art Poster

Artwork by Mary O'Malley


Tri-Color Bean Blend Fine Art Poster

Three beans and four-leaved quatrefoil to add architectural diversity to your garden and home


Waltham Butternut Squash Fine Art Poster

No garden crop soothes the winter-weary soul like the butternut squash.


Watercress Fine Art Poster

Art by Jacqueline Maloney


Wild Bergamot Fine Art Poster

Wispy Wildflower, Fiery Food - and Medicine.


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