Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Explore our beautiful boxed seed collections.

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Chikamasa B-500SL Scissors Chikamasa B-500SL Scissors

Chikamasa B-500SL Scissors

Excellent for thinning, pruning, and other fine work.


Flat Scraper Flat Scraper

Flat Scraper

Swiftly lays waste to small weeds between rows and plants.


V-Shaped Hoe V-Shaped Hoe

V-Shaped Hoe

Excellent tool for quickly making furrows.


Bronze Seed Pendant Necklace


Cut Flower Garden Seed Collection

Grow your own beautiful bouquets!


Garden Guardians Note Card Collection

8 note card collection featuring 4 animal art pack designs.


Gardeners' Favorites Note Card Collection

8 note card collection featuring 4 popular art pack designs.


Garlic Planting Guide Poster


Glass Gem Corn Half Moon Necklace

Sterling Silver necklace with glass gem corn kernels.


Glass Gem Corn Link Necklace

Sterling Silver necklace with linked glass gem corn kernels.


Hand Trowel

Designed for ergonomic working and easy to find!

from $24.99

Holiday Note Card Collection

Send holiday cheer with these festive favorites.


Hori Hori Garden Knife

The ultimate all-purpose garden tool.


Ika Hoe

A heavy duty, high quality, japanese hand hoe that happens to be squid-shaped!


Kana Scraper

Perfect for hand weeding and digging.


Large Saw Tooth Sickle

Great for weeding and cutting.


Large Wooden Harvest Trug

The ultimate harvesting tool


Late Season Planting Guide Poster

from $16.99

Light in the Garden Note Card Collection

Hot off the press! New artworks from our 2021 collection!


Ninja Claw

A high quality, Japanese "mini rake" for smaller spaces and detailed work.


Opinel Folding Garden Knife

High-quality stainless steel and beechwood folding knife.


Opinel Folding Harvest Knife

High-quality stainless steel harvest knife.


Opinel Folding Saw Knife

Light, high-quality saw.


Opinel Garden Knife Trio

A great price on 3 essential garden knives