Lily martagon 'Fairy Morning'

Lilium martagon

Shimmering peachy-pink lilies on tall, elegant stems.

Blooms early summer

An enchanting lily producing masses of downward-facing, silvery peachy-pink-golden blooms–up to 30 per plant! Gorgeous in a traditional cottage garden or perennial border, 'Fairy Morning' flowers in midsummer and appears to glow against the green backdrop of the garden. The petals exhibit deep red speckling at maturity. Plants reach 3-4’ tall with 2-3” blossoms. Martagon lilies need time to establish, but by year two will put on a spectacular display. This species naturalizes through bulb offsets; periodic thinning and transplant of dense stands in the fall may be necessary.

Martagon lilies are known to be especially disease resistant.

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Martagon lilies do best in full sun but will tolerate some partial shade. They require a well-drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soil rich in organic matter, and should be planted in late fall, once the ground has cooled down to about 55 degrees, and night temps are hovering at about 40 degrees. After planting, they benefit from consistent moisture throughout the year. Deadhead spent flowers after flowering is finished. This species can take a little longer to get established than other lilies, but by year 2, they put on a spectacular display and will naturalize through bulb offsets. Periodic thinning and transplant in the fall may be required if your patch becomes too dense. After year one, they appreciate an application of organic granular fertilizer about 3 times a year. In fall, clear away the old foliage and, if you live in a cooler climate, apply a thin layer (no more than 2") of mulch.

Bloom Season Early Summer
Planting Depth 6"
Bulb spacing 12" apart
Bulbs per Square Foot 1
Height at Maturity 48"
Sun Preference Full to Partial Sun
Hardiness Zone Range 3-8
Naturalizes? Yes

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