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Membership in the Hudson Valley Seed Library connects gardeners to fellow enthusiastic seed starters--and it comes with absolutely no obligation. For the 2012 growing season, membership costs $25 plus shipping and includes ten free packs of seed (Garden or Library Packs) and discounts on additional packs (all packs--including Art Packs). Members are encouraged--but not required--to save seed each season to return to the library. (We offer a small incentive to those who return seeds by giving credits toward the following year's membership fee for each variety returned to the library.)

Gift Memberships
Buying someone else a membership? It's a great gift for garden-loving friends and family. For $25, the recipient receives an Art Pack-style Membership Kit with log-in information that allows him or her to choose ten complimentary Garden and Library Packs from our full catalog. Please do not use the form below if you're purchasing a gift membership but instead click here for to make your selection.

Gift Membership Redemption
Login with the code from your Gift Membership below to register, select your ten complimentary packs, and activate member pricing.
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Does your Gift Membership have two different codes? Or a code and a password? These are older Gift Memberships. We're still happy to honor them, but we need you to use a new code. Please send us your old codes via the contact form and we'll get you a current code pronto. Thanks!

Returning Members
Were you a member in 2011? Enter your e-mail and zip code below to re-join and receive any seed-return credits due to you. (If you were a member in years prior to 2011 but did not join for 2011, please use the next form: New Member Signup)
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By clicking "Join," a membership with a cost of $25 will be put in your shopping cart. You will gain immediate access to your ten packs of seed and will receive member pricing on additional eligible items.

(If you've submitted this form once already but stepped away from your order without logging out, please enter your e-mail and zip code on our login page to continue. If you haven't yet paid for your membership it will be added to your cart automatically.)

Click here to read the terms and conditions of membership.

Click here to read the basics about saving seed for the Seed Library.