2024 Art of Seed Calendar

Each month brings a fresh, garden-inspired artwork.

▶️ Watch a flip-through of our 2024 Calendar here!

Enjoy beautiful garden inspiration each month of the year with our annual Art of Seed Calendar, which celebrates the intersection of arts and agriculture.

Art can sometimes tell a seed story best, so every year we collaborate with artists to help us translate the pure joy of seeds and gardening into visual form. Each month features a work of art from our recent Art Pack introductions that inspire and delight. The artwork highlights the beauty, diversity, and cultural importance of the seeds held within each pack. These high-quality images capture the vibrancy of the original works, and each page includes information about the artist, plenty of room to jot your to-dos, and—new this year—a rhyming couplet that captures the spirit of the month and the featured art.

The 2024 Art of Seed Calendar measures 12"x12" when closed. Printed in the New York State.



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