Orta Ceramic Self Watering Seed Starting Tray - Large

Beautiful, lasting, and elegantly designed seed starting trays.

Self watering, handmade ceramic seed starting trays look beautiful, work great, are reusable and eco-friendly! Use for basic seed starting by starting of annual flowers, vegetables, or herbs for your garden. Can also be used to propagate perennial herbs and succulents.

The large seed starting tray measures 9x6x3 inches and has 12 cells, each about 2x2x2 inches. This is an excellent "medium" cell size, perfect for tomatoes, peppers, flowers, much more.

    TO USE:
  • Fill cells with seed starting mix and level out.

  • Sow 3-5 seeds per cell.

  • Remove the cork cap and fill reservoir with water. You will need to check and refill about once per week.
  • Place in warm, sunny place, like a greenhouse, or south facing window of sun room.
  • Once seedlings emerge, thin to the healthiest seedling per cell.
  • Once seedlings have 1-2 sets of true leaves, they are ready to transplant or pot up into a bigger cell size.

Each handmade seed starting tray comes with an instruction booklet. Note: Condensation does form, place on a protective tray or surface if moisture is an issue.

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