Double Red Sweet Corn Tote

Get your hands on the Hudson Valley Seed Co's official tote!

This double-sided, sturdy canvas tote features a two-tone design for Double Red Sweet Corn by artist June Glasson. Glasson's interpretation of this beautiful, anthocyanin-rich crop includes imagery evoking corn's co-evolution with humans, wildlife, and the soil. It's a wonderful conversation starter! Pick your groceries up in style, bag a lunch, or take it with you to the farmer's market. Each bag is made in the USA, measures 14"x15", and features our quatrefoil-shaped logo on the reverse.

Screenprinting by Kayrock. 


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Artwork by June Glasson. June's stately oil-on-board depiction narrates the history of corn's intertwined evolution with human beings. It also alludes to our contemporary understanding; see the double helix on the left flap.

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