Eastern Pollinator Mix

Species various

Create a permanent pollinator habitat with this mix.

A great mix to establish a patch of ground for pollinators. This mix contains both annuals and perennials, and can be sown in a prepared plot either in the fall or in the spring. The contents of mixes are wide and broad. Not every species will establish itself, but many will, giving way to varied habit suited to your location.

This annual and perennial mix may contain the following:

"Partridge Pea" ~Chamaecrista fasciculata~
"Purple Coneflower" ~Echinacea purpurea~
"Lance Leaved Coreopsis" ~Coreopsis lanceolata
"Indian Blanket" ~Gaillardia pulchella~
"Wild Sunflower" ~Helianthus annuus~
"Perennial Lupine" ~Lupinus perennis~
"Hairy Beardtongue" ~Penstemon hirsutus~
"Butterfly Milkweed" ~Asclepias tuberosa~
"Wild Indigo" ~Baptisia australis~
"Ohio Spiderwort" ~Tradescantia ohiensis~
"Eastern Columbine" ~Aquilegia canadensis~
"Lemon Mint" ~Monarda citriodora~
"New England Asters" ~Symphyotrichum novae-angliae~
"Black-Eyed Susan" ~Rudbeckia hirta~
"Brown-Eyed Susan" ~Rudbeckia triloba~
"Lavender Hyssop" ~Agastache foeniculum~
"Plains Coreopsis" ~Coreopsis tinctoria~
"Spotted Bee Balm" ~Monarda punctata~
"Evening Primrose" ~Oenothera biennis~
"Showy Tick Trefoil" ~Desmodium canadense~
and "Gray Goldenrod" ~Solidago nemoralis~

500 seeds sows 25-30 square feet; 1 ounce sows 80-100 square feet; 4 ounces sows 300-500 square feet; and 1 pound sows 1200-2000 square feet.

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In late fall or early-spring, broadcast into a prepared area (not lawn or hard ground; clear and loosen soil first). Do no just walk away from plot and assume nature will work wonders: one or two weedings will be required. But after that, behold: beautiful flowers!

Days to Germination varies
Days to Maturity varies
Planting Depth ½ inch
Spacing in Row varies
Spacing Between Rows varies
Height at Maturity varies
Width at Maturity varies
Sun Preference Full to Partial Sun

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