Paul Robeson Tomato

Certified Organic

Solanum lycopersicum

Gorgeous red-brown fruits boast off-the-charts flavor.

Paul Robeson was a famous African-American opera singer, linguist, athlete, and civil rights champion who stood up to the infamous McCarthy committee in the 1950s. This Russian tomato was named in his honor. It is spectacular: richly colored, exquisitely flavored, a joy to savor and to share. The gardeners who selected this variety saw potential and nurtured it, with the same reverence that Black artists, activists, and gardeners use to build a bridge toward justice that spans the generations.

Discover more about the art and inspiration behind the art pack created by Cbabi Bayoc in this recent profile.

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Start seeds indoors early, about 10 weeks before last frost. Seeds germinate best at 80 degrees F. Do not over water, and keep temperature warm but not hot to prevent damping off. Transplant outdoors after threat of frost has passed. Provide with proper support. A bit of pruning increases yield of fruit. Do not over water, and water at the base of the plant if possible to help reduce occurrence of disease. Harvest when the main body of the fruit is firm and red-brown, but has a slight give when squeezed. The shoulders of this variety may remain green and hard even when ripe.

Days to Germination 5-10 days
Days to Maturity 80 days from transplant
Planting Depth ¼"
Spacing in Row 24"
Spacing Between Rows 36"
Height at Maturity 48"
Width at Maturity 18"
Sun Preference Full Sun
Growth Habit Indeterminate

Artist Cbabi Bayoc's art—whether illustration, murals, or contemporary paintings—is full of heart, life, bold color, phunk, and activism. His adopted name is an acronym: Creative- Black-Artist-Battling-Ignorance Blessed-African-Youth-Of-Creativity. Read here for a profile of Cbabi and his inspiration in creating the Paul Robeson Tomato Art Pack. 

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