Tall Telephone Shelling Pea

Pisum sativum

High yields of peas in easy-to-shell pods.

AKA Alderman. This open-pollinated shelling pea is beloved among all of our staff members. Vines are covered with long, easy to shell pods, filled with 6-8 plump peas. This variety doesn't get as starchy as other shelling peas we have tried. Tall vines reach 6' and require trellising. Sow as soon as soil can be worked.

This variety is suitable for growing as a microgreen. 🌱

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Peas are fun, fast, and can be sown at the first sign of spring. The pea shoots and climbing tendril-festooned vines keep you company throughout the many spring garden tasks--and provide beautiful flowers and a promise that summer's-finally-here.

Peas love cool weather, so sow them the first or second week of April. You can probably get away with plantings up to early May, but after this you're better off waiting until mid-summer (for a fall crop) or next spring.

Soak peas overnight, inoculate them, and then sow them in rows (or double rows, or even more). While you're waiting for the first tendrils to emerge through the moist spring soil (what joy!), you can install a trellis up which the young plants will quickly climb. You can use string and 2x2 posts spaced every ten feet, or you can use chicken wire, or old bed frames salvaged from a dilapidating Catskills resort (that's how we've done it in the past).

Days to Germination 7 to 14 days
Days to Maturity 68 days
Planting Depth 1 to 2 inches
Spacing in Row 1 to 4 inches
Spacing Between Rows 18 inches
Height at Maturity 24 to 36 inches
Width at Maturity 6-12 inches
Sun Preference Full Sun

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