Annual Seedy Shindig on October 11th

by Ken Greene

Come see the farm, celebrate seed season, and meet other seed savers.

For those of you who have been curious about visiting the farm, now if your chance! We're having a Seedy Shindig and everyone-- Seed Library members, New York gardeners, food politicos, other farmers, neighbors and friends, are all invited. Details on the day below.


Zinnias in the back field.


Please RSVP as we have limited space.

It’s been a rocky year with flooding rains, chilly summer days, early late blight, and hungry pests and we’re happy to say we’ve pulled through with our spirits, and much of the farm, intact. As a thank you to all of our supportive members, many of whom have been asking to visit, we’re having a seedy shindig.  We’re inviting all of our Seed Library members to come, whether or not you are returning seeds.  You are welcome to bring a few guests as well. Please RSVP as we have limited space and parking.

2pm-3pm Seed Returns for Seed Library Members

Bring your seed gleanings to return to the library and log your seed credits. Please pack and label your seeds following the membership instructions you received. They are also available here on the website. Remember, we are only accepting seeds from our catalog or non-commercial family heirlooms. We will have a limited supply of extra envelopes available for packing.

3pm – 4pm Farm Tour & Seed Talk

We’ll be giving a full tour of the land including seeing the original dilapidated Catskill Resort buildings, our DIY renovations, the farm, and the back stream and woods. Please wear sturdy outdoor clothing. We’ll be covering a good chunk of the 27 acres.

4pm -4:30pm Seed Celebration
The seed farm is a place where plants are allowed to go through their entire life-cycles from seed to seed.  We’ve decided that the typical cornucopic harvest festival is not quite the right fit for us, so we’re starting a new tradition, celebrating the seed harvest. This open-pollinated ceremony is a thank you to our seed saving ancestors and the farmers and gardeners keeping heirloom seeds and their stories alive and thriving.

Don't forget! Please RSVP as we have limited space.

Meet Kale, the amazing brassica snacking dog. Meet Kale, the amazing brassica snacking beast. Don't be afraid, he's as sweet as Dinokale after a frost. But please, no other dogs, he's protective of his kale bones.