New Farm Store

by Ken Greene


This week's fare includes:

Edibles: Tusha's Ramp Kimchi and Nettle Pesto, Will’s Sourdough Bread, Asian Greens, Broccoli Raab, Salad Mix, Radishes, Herbs (mints, sage,thyme), Rhubarb, Kale, Swiss Chard, Egyptian Onions, Herbal beverage of the week, Taste Test of the Week

Plantables: Hudson Valley Seed Library Seedlings and Seeds 

Wearables: New Seedy T-shirts,  Garden Aprons, Botanical Tote Bags

Usables: Garden Row Cover for protecting seedlings

Readables: Botanical Drawing books and Art Kits, Note cards

Art: Botanical Prints from Wendy Hollender, Fine Art Prints from the Seed Library

This season the Seed Library is partnering with Hollengold Farm to open a weekly farm store where you can get a taste of what we're growing as well as ferments, flowers, preserves, t-shirts, seed swag, books, and more!

hollengold farm sign (640x480)Wendy Hollender, botanical artist, author, and illustrator of the soon-to-be-published Foraging and Feasting book written by Dina Falconi, has generously invited us to use part of her farmstead for our trial gardens. Although we won't be producing a ton of vegetables, there will be small harvests each week of close to 300 different heirloom varieties. After we're done evaluating each variety for health, regional adaptation, resistance to disease, and productivity, we'll do one final very scientific evaluation- a taste test (a.k.a. eating them)! Whatever harvest is left after our rigorous taste testing will go to the farm store so you can do you own taste tests and let us know what you think.

farm stand 2 (640x480)The farm stand will be a little different each month. In addition to our seasonal heirloom vegetables, Wendy and the Seed Library will be offering many other farm fresh, artful, homemade, and useful items including seedlings, pickles, ferments, sundried veggies, soaps, organic vanilla extract, foraged food, t-shirts, tote bags, books, row cover, hoops, art, and more. We'll also be hosting tours, workshops, cooking demos, and tastings, including Dina's recipes from Foraging and Feasting, during farm stand hours. Each week we'll post what's happening at the stand on our website and Facebook page.

erin blake hollengold (640x359)Stop by and meet Blake, this year's Seed Library trial garden and farm stand intern, who is helping Erin grow out the 300 Seed Library varieties at Hollengold Farm.

Follow signs from Route 209 up to Hollengold Farm, 222 Lower Whitfield Road, Accord, NY 12404 every Saturday from 11-3pm starting June 1st.