Our Top 5 Memories of 2019

by Anna Sones

The end of a decade is always a big deal. It signifies a turning point in the way we think about the past—and how we imagine the future. We really felt the turn-of-the-decade vibes in 2019; it was a big year for us, from some huge successes on the farm to exciting product launches and a whole bunch more. With the support of growers all across the country, we finished the year off strong and are ready to sprout up strong in 2020. Here are the five biggest accomplishments that have us bidding a very fond farewell to 2019:


Thanks to countless hours of hard work by our farmers, our team had the irreplaceable joy of walking through flourishing flower fields all summer long. "My greatest joy of this past season was our gift zinnia and bishops children dahlia fields," says our field manager Steven. "We had extremely high yields and good germination rates and the sheer beauty of a large flower crop cannot be understated." We also witnessed first-hand the beauty of healthy pollinator populations: monarchs, bees, and hummingbirds abounded. "These are the times during the farm season where the work feels deeply integral and connected to the micro cosmos," says Steven. "The whole atmosphere is one of natural jubilation and deep feelings of interconnection take hold making me know that what we do matters in ways that cannot be spoken only experienced and shared poetically."

We also enjoyed our most spectacular dahlia season yet. Walking through the fields after work and during lunch, picking blooms of every shape, color, and size, was a regular treat in the summer and fall. We'll be able offer an expanded variety of dahlia tubers this year, and are looking to offer as many 25 next year! A huge thanks to our farm team! They are the roots of the Seed Company. Take a look at our Instagram page for lots of gorgeous farm shots!


2019 was also a big year for new products. In October, we launched a brand-new product line: our Wildflower Seed Shakers. We're aware that the pollinator profusion we witnessed in our own fields is not only a joy but a necessity, and we wanted to make it possible for anyone to grow a pollinator habitat. This fun and functional product is easy to use and sows 100 square feet of flower meadow seeds. We were thrilled to work with artist Cynthia Cliff, who designed striking original art for each of our four flower mixes. You can read more about Cynthia and the process of creating the artwork here. Our 2020 catalog will also feature several new Note Card Collections, a beautiful new wall calendar, and over 30 new, funky, fun, exciting, heirloom seed varieties. And of course, we would be remiss not to mention our 2020 Art Pack Collection. We enshrined 12 seed varieties with contemporary original art this year, many of which were brand new to our catalog, and as always, it was a privilege and a joy to choose the varieties, work with the artists, and tell the stories of the seeds in the packs. Find all these products on our website, and sign up for a copy of our print catalog here.


We believe that every Art Pack does good work out in the world by bringing art, seeds, and storytelling together. But one pack in particular is sowing seeds of good this year: Pansy Mix. The pack was designed by Paul Harfleet, founder of the Pansy Project, which plants pansies at the site of homophobic abuse. Paul helped us convey the complexity of the term pansy: as a slur directed toward gay, effeminate, or gender-nonconforming men, and as a hardy plant that can bloom even through the snow. We created this pack to celebrate the resilience and fortitude at the core of the LGBTQIA+ community, and to further its impact, 10% of proceeds from sales of this pack will be donated to The Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQIA+ young people.


This was our eleventh year at the Philadelphia and Boston Flower Shows. Preparing for the flower shows in the early spring is a big production here in the office. The whole team works together to plan, then all the seeds, tools, and gifts have to be organized and transported. Several of our team members spent countless hours not only on the planning stage, but driving from state to state, setting up, and running the booths. And was it worth it? Absolutely! More than any year previous, we had a blast in Philly and Boston this year. We pride ourselves on being able to share our knowledge and showcase our beloved collection, and the people we met were enthusiastic and taught us a lot in return. We had so much fun, in fact, that we're already gearing up to go again this year! Learn more about the Philly and Boston Flower Shows.


We don't just love selling seeds to gardeners; we love working, growing, and communicating with them. That's why we've been writing blog posts ever since we started, sharing news, stories, advice, interviews, and more. Here are the posts you read the most this year:

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Hindsight is 2020, and we hope you'll agree that 2019 was a seedy success. With pride, with love, and with you by our sides, we're eager to let this year blossom with even bigger garden adventures.