Seed Starting

Seed Starting

We were so excited when we came across these hand-made, ceramic seed starting trays. The beauty, functionality, and zero waste (read: no plastic!) make purchasing these an easy choice for the budding home gardener or expert homesteader. Plus, they are self watering, making weekend trips away from your seedlings and microgreens worry free in the spring!
Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors.

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Ceramic Self Watering Seed Starting Tray - Small

Beautiful, reusable, ecological and economical!

from $39.95

Peat Planting Pots (5 pack)


Self Watering Microgreens Kit

Everything you need to grow your own greens indoors.

from $59.95

Microgreens Seeds Set

Certified Organic

Refill your Microgreens Kit, or start your microgreens journey with these 4 favorite varieties.


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