Welcome to our 2022 Catalog Guide! Here you'll find a quick tour of what we've got to offer for 2022, from our latest varieties to growers' resources. Among the highlights:

  • Over 40 new varieties—an HVSC record—of heirloom, open-pollinated, mostly organic seeds that dazzled us in our trials garden;
  • 12 new Art Packs for 2022; 
  • New tools, supplies, and art products, along with a new home decor category;
  • Curated collections of varieties for all sorts of planting situations.

New for 2022: Vegetables

New for 2022: Flowers

New for 2022: Herbs

Seeds Are Stories You Can Grow

Every seed is a story, and your garden is the next chapter.

Each year we bring you new seeds, and new stories to grow, and many of them we produce on our own certified organic farm in the Hudson Valley of New York State.

From our roots as a backyard seed library with just 14 varieties, to a thriving seed company with a certified organic seed farm, over 500 varieties, and a team of dedicated seed people, we’ve grown like a twining bean over the last 17 years. But our values haven’t changed. Every seed in our catalog is open pollinated, many are heirloom and organic, and they are never GMO.

We work with our farm crew, our network of seed farmers, our product team, and a diverse range of creative artists to share the best varieties while illuminating their colorful seed stories.

Thank you for being part of our seed family and celebrating the art of seed. By growing with us, you keep seeds—and their stories—alive.

New for 2022: Art Packs

New for 2022: Art and Home Decor

Home Decor

Fine Art


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Delightful Dahlias

Delightful Dahlias

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Sow in the Snow

Sow in the Snow

Winter sowing is a wonderful way to reconnect with your garden and experiment with new sowing techniques. Whether you are direct sowing perennials like Milkweed or Echinacea, or sowing half hardy annuals in old milk jugs, winter sowing will give you a head start on spring plantings–plus, you you won't need to harden off your winter-sown plants! Give it a try and discover the joy of winter gardening.
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Dyer's Botanicals

Dyer's Botanicals

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