Fall Gardening

Fall planting is the perfect way to bookend the main growing season. Whether sowing a patch of wildflowers or planting flower bulbs, garlic, and shallots, fall gardening is a way of acknowledging the silent work our gardens do for us (even when we're inside all winter long). And it's the easiest time to work in the garden: the soil is already cultivated, the weather is cool and misty, and our fall plantings won't require much water.  

Fall Gardening

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Vates Blue Curled Kale vendor-unknown

Vates Blue Curled Kale

Certified Organic

Traditional crunchy kale shines in the winter garden.

from $3.99

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White Clover Cover Crop vendor-unknown

White Clover Cover Crop

A Nutrition-Builder with Countless Uses

from $5.39

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Winter Aconite vendor-unknown Winter Aconite vendor-unknown

Winter Aconite

Adorable cups of cheer to usher winter away and welcome spring.

from $5.10

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Winter Rye Cover Crop Seed vendor-unknown

Winter Rye Cover Crop Seed

Certified Organic

Amazing soil building capabilities.

from $4.39

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Wood Sorrel vendor-unknown

Wood Sorrel

Interesting and unique alpine ground cover

from $8.20