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Danish Ballhead Cabbage

Commanding cabbages reach 8 to 10 inches in diameter.

from $2.95

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

Cone-shaped heads that fill out quickly.

from $2.95

Nozaki Chinese Cabbage

Certified Organic Seed

A quick-heading Chinese cabbage for the fall garden.


Perfection Savoy Cabbage

Crinkly leaf texture delights the tongue.

from $2.95

Purple Savoy Cabbage

Stunning green-to-purple fall cabbage.

from $2.95

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Red Acre Cabbage Red Acre Cabbage

Red Acre Cabbage

Certified Organic Seed

Versatile, easy and perfect for kraut, slaw, and cooked dishes

from $2.95

Red Express Cabbage

Certified Organic Seed

The high-speed train of open-pollinated cabbages.

from $3.50